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Learn to build this Random Card Generator in less than 100 lines of code

Use Case

RCG’s also allow you to easily create a “fresh” landing page experience that is never the same no matter how many times someone may visit…

Expand your machine learning training dataset using the Augmentor library

Introduction To Image Recognition

IR works through rigorous training of a machine learning model. Every object that needs to be detected is shown to the model in a series of images that act as the training data. …

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The Logo of MTGJSON

MTGJSON is “an open-source project that catalogs all Magic: The Gathering cards in a portable format.” The developers at MTGJSON work tirelessly to aggregate a variety of data sources into a single source of truth that is used and consumed by a variety of apps across the web. MTGJSON data includes card text, printings, pricing, erratas, bans, translations, rulings, product information, and more. All MTGJSON data is made freely available to the public in a series of downloadable files, each with a specialized purpose.

Is MTGJSON right for you?

Littleton Riggins

UX Engineering @ Google | Web Apps | Prototyping | MTG

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